Nov 16, 2018

Email newsletters

I think email newsletters are undervalued. Here are some of my favorites:

  • Money Stuff by Matt Levine
    A stupendous amount of good content about, well, money stuff. Publishes almost every weekday. (A recent favorite.)

  • Gwern by Gwern
    Stuff Gwern has been reading in genetics, machine learning, social science, and statistics. Publishes once a month. Amazing & intimidating.

  • Benedict Evans by Benedict Evans
    Silicon Valley trends by an a16z partner. Always high quality. Publishes once a week.

  • Alignment Newsletter by Rohin Shah
    Summary of recent developments in AI alignment, curated by Rohin Shah of CHAI, Richard Ngo of DeepMind, and Dan Hendrycks of Berkeley. Publishes weekly.

  • Import AI by Jack Clark
    Summary of AI updates, a bit more mainstream & capabilities-focused than the Alignment Newsletter. Assembled by Jack Clark of Open AI; publishes weekly.

  • Axios China by Bill Bishop
    Stories about China, usually on the economy & US-China foreign policy. Publishes once a week. I don't know enough about China to follow many of the stories, but I appreciate the overview. Bishop also writes Sinocism, a daily newsletter also on China.

  • Robin Sloan by Robin Sloan
    Interesting miscellany by the author of Mr. Penumbra's 24-Hour Bookstore, often about design & new fiction. Publishes every few months.

  • Future Perfect by Vox
    Vox's Effective Altruism vertical in newsletter form. Publishes weekly. I don't read most of the content, but it's interesting to follow what happens to EA as it passes through the Vox filter.

  • Adventures in Typography by Robin Rendle
    On typography, publishing, and graphic design. Publishes occasionally.

Also I've heard the Daily Stoic is good, but I'm not subscribed as I prefer my mysticism-infused self-help with an Eastern tinge.